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IZTECH Cengaver Rover

IZTECH CENGAVER ROVER team is a ROVER (Mars exploration vehicle) team that started its activities in 2022 and opened its own private workshop. It includes students from the departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Energy Systems Engineering. He works with IYTE Mechanical Engineering Professor Gökhan Kiper as a consultant. He represented our country in the ARC 23' competition. This team plans to participate in many competitions, including abroad, and aims for success in competitions with a brand new ROVER design for 2023. It also tries to create a competition team culture within IZTECH.



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Gülbahçe, IZTECH Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Barbaros Village/, İzmir YTE 1-8, 35430 Urla/İzmir




Team Captain

Mehmet Şener

+90 (553) 258 25 48


Social Media and Sponsorship Sub-Team Leader

Simay Özkan

+90 (532) 616 20 40